Easy, you can fill out our short member application and join here. www.tmcfla.org/join

Although owning a Maserati is a large part of the experience with the club, it’s not mandatory to own a Maserati to join.

An annual membership fee is $65.00 USD.

All new members get a “Welcome to the Club” gift along with an annual membership. Members also receive updated information on all events throughout the year. But more importantly, members get access to a resource for information on Maserati news, history and technical data. The camaraderie is by far the best among Florida Maserati enthusiasts and we also assist members with locating cars, parts and service to generally increase awareness in the House of Trident.

We bring Florida Maserati owners together to provide an opportunity to socialize more regularly with other members. Members enjoy a variety of activities and events like drives, owner meets, charity events, car shows, dinners and more.

The Maserati Club of Florida is a non-profit, Florida-based business.

The Maserati Club of Florida is a separate entity from the manufacturer, just like many other independent clubs around the globe. However, each club works under bylaws and corporate identity rules approved by corporate to ensure proper representation of the parent brand based in Italy.

The Maserati Club of Florida has numerous relationships with dealers around the state of Florida, but none are exclusive. If you are a dealer and would like to learn more about partnering with our club for events or other member activities, please contact us today!