Dear Maserati Club members and Enthusiasts,

Over the years, The Maserati Club of the Southeast has provided club members with many wonderful experiences and events.  I am truly honored to be a part of this club and to have participated in some of these fun events that have allowed me to meet other likeminded members over the years.  The Maserati Club – Southeast has provided an exceptional automobile club experience, one filled with people who are passionate about automobiles and the marque we love: Maserati.  However, we have noticed the over the years that members of the Southeast club located in Florida rarely attend the events on a regular basis. This is understandable as most events are held in the states of Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, etc. Given this information, we have decided that if the Floridian members will not or cannot go to the club, then the club will go to them.  Therefore, I am pleased to announce, with the approval of The Maserati Club of the Southeast (TMC-SE) Board of Directors, the establishment of The Maserati Club of Florida (TMCFLA).  TMCFLA has been created to meet the car club needs of Florida residents who love Maserati.  Our focus will be strictly on Florida events throughout the State but also keep you abreast of Regional events that might be of interest to all of us.  We hope to encourage more members from across Florida to join with us in the passion of driving, dining, and camaraderie over the coming years. I hope you will share our excitement and keep a close eye on our upcoming events. Please note that current members of Southeast club located in the state of Florida automatically become members of TMCFLA and can partake in both clubs events for the first year, after which you may renew with either club, with a discounted rate for those who wish to retain membership to both.

Maserati has rich history in racing, automotive design, and a world class marque. Over the coming years, dramatic changes will begin to occur in the automotive industry and Maserati’s plans in regard to this are historic, with upcoming new models, refreshes, technology, and new power plants.

Please share your thoughts, pictures, and comments with us. Without you, there is no club, so we thank you in advance for all your support and involvement in great upcoming events!

Warm regards,

Todd Bernstein
President TMCFLA