Maserati Club Meet and Match in Sarasota: POSTPONED
February 27, 2020
July Drive & Weekend Stay in the Keys
June 10, 2020

Driving into the Future

Dear Maserati Club of Florida Members,

We started the year off with such excitement for our newly established Maserati Club of Florida and we just started and eagerly planning events for the year. But followed protocol from our Florida leadership from the Governor, our Mayors, City Council members, County Officials and Law Enforcement to practice safe distancing during our stay at home order. We are all thankful to our front line people from healthcare specialists to the people delivering our food and many others. As our Governor begins to reopen regions of the Sunshine State, we are hard at work planning some new ways to communicate to our base and begin to take baby steps to get back to some form of normalcy for our members. With that said, I did not want to push out yet another letter all about the pandemic, but we did want to express our gratitude to those that have kept us safe. With that in our rear view mirror…

Maserati corporate laid out plans for many new models/refreshes and then the world got sidetracked. Our driving events have been pushed out until further notice (just like most social clubs). During this time, we can all still get out there and drive our cars for the necessities. It is social distancing in the finest form, much like the classic 1971 Maserati Bora (pictured above), which was Maserati’s first mid-engine car. I thought it was fitting that this year Maserati will introduce the MC20 this month. Also, a mid-engine car with a Maserati derived power train, which we have not seen in years. It appears there will be three different engine variations, gas/hybrid and all electric! This promises to be an exciting year for Maserati, so stay tuned on that.

This month, we are also planning a virtual happy hour. This way we can get together and share some stories and members can get to meet each other in a different format. We will send out information shortly with all the details. For those technologically savvy drivers, maybe think ahead about snapping a perfect photo of your Maserati social distancing. That way you could use it as your background for our Zoom meeting.

If you are interested in volunteering for an event or have thoughts on what you would like to see from TMC-FLA please let us know. We hope you will be involved in upcoming events and we would love to hear your ideas and stories.

One last thought, currently gas prices are low, less cars are on the road, and this leads me to believe there has never been a better time to take out our keys/fobs and enjoy the great roads of Florida.

Live with passion,

Todd Bernstein
The Maserati Club of Florida