Maserati Club Meet and Match in Sarasota.
February 27, 2020

The Maserati Club Accelerates into Florida

Venice, Fla. – (January 17, 2020) – The Maserati Club of Florida (TMCFLA) Chapter President Todd Bernstein announced today the Florida-based nonprofit organization launched a new club on January 1, 2020 and it’s entirely dedicated to the Maserati owners  in the Sunshine State.

Until recently, the Florida territory was under The Maserati Club of the Southeast, based out of Harriman, TN. “Due to popular demand and a pretty large and growing base of Maserati owners and enthusiasts, a group of us realized it was time to create a new entity, just for Floridians,” Bernstein said.

According to Bernstein, over the years, the Maserati Club of the Southeast has provided club members with many wonderful experiences and events.  “However, we have noticed over the years that members of the Southeast club located in Florida rarely attend events on a regular basis. This is understandable as most events are held in Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, etc. Given this information, we decided that if the Floridian members will not or cannot go to the club, then the club will go to them,” Bernstein said.

Fellow Floridian Board Member and Southeast Club Treasurer Tom Rossi said, “We are pleased to announce, with the approval of The Maserati Club of the Southeast (TMC-SE) Board of Directors, the establishment of The Maserati Club of Florida (TMCFLA).  TMCFLA has been created to meet the car club needs of Florida residents who love Maserati.  Our focus will be strictly on Florida events throughout the State but also to keep members abreast of important regional national and international Maserati events.  We hope to encourage more members from across Florida to join with us in the passion of driving, dining, and camaraderie over the coming years.”

Newly appointed Board member Serge Mallat of Plantation, FL is involved with Maserati and Ferrari Clubs and was excited to jump on TMCFLA’s board right away. “I am extremely excited that Maserati owners will now have a local club to enjoy with fellow Maserati enthusiasts. I have a passion for Italian automobiles and would like to see all Italian Car owners come together as a family. I am looking for all of us to grow the club together. Look forward to meeting all of the owners at one of our events.”

Rossi also mentioned that current members of the Southeast club that live in Florida automatically become members of TMCFLA and can partake in both clubs events for the first year, after which members may renew with either club, with a discounted rate for those who wish to retain membership to both.

Tampa-based HCP Associates Managing Partner Eric Polins is also a newly appointed TMCFLA Board Member. Polins’ firm donated branding, digital design (website) and public relations services pro-bono to the newly formed club. HCP also revamped The Maserati Club based out of NYC back in 2017 as well. “We are excited to spread awareness to all Florida-based Maserati owners, enthusiasts and dealers. Florida is by far one of the largest Maserati populated states and we have been wanting to launch this club for years.”

Bonita Springs-based Board Member Matt Wolken immediately joined the drive for a Florida-based Club. Wolken is instrumental in maintaining the official social media channels for the Florida-based Club. “We are extremely careful in the content we post and how it relates to our mission and our members. It’s a joy to be part of something with exponential growth and the largest byproduct is camaraderie around a brand we all love.”

The Maserati Club is a collective organization with four chapters in the U.S. and five international chapters in Canada, Japan, Italy, South Africa, and Hungary. Each chapter is autonomous and self-supporting while being managed by an International Board of Directors consisting of one representative of each chapter.

Boca Raton Real Estate Agent and Maserati Owner Michele Burda is the most recent board member to join the Florida Club. “We have such perfect year-round weather to enjoy rides, rallies, and each other. I’ve never met a more welcoming group of people, all eager to share their expertise and joy in the brand.”

“The club is extremely excited about the upcoming product introductions from Maserati over the coming years; bridging the latest technology with the passion of design. Over the years club members have developed lifelong relationships and I am grateful for all the amazing people I’ve met over the years in the TMC-SE club. We hope to bring that shining spirit to our great state of Florida,” said Bernstein.

The new website offers secure online ordering for memberships. Basic membership dues are $65 per year and may be completed by visiting Organizations interested in sponsorship opportunities and dealers and/or corporations interested in memberships may contact TMCFLA President Todd Bernstein at